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Services & Fees


Services Include:

  • Computer Imaging to show you how your final landscape will look when complete and a sketch to show plant placement and bed shape.
  • Full Landscape Design, which includes a 2' x 3' to-scale design with a material list, specifications and notes.
  • Consultation, should you need advice on horticulture problems and/or considerations for proposed or existing landscapes.

The benefits of a custom plan and computer imaging are numerous:

  • With a plan you can make sure what you envisioned will be achieved.
  • You will know that this plan is tailored to your taste, lifestyle, budget and needs.
  • You will also know that all horticultural and practical considerations will be used in designing specifically for your climate, soil type, and location.
  • With a custom plan you will know you are not buying the wrong type of plants or more plants than you need.
  • With this design in hand you could save money by installing it yourself at your pace and according to your budget. You may also choose to use this to get bids from landscape installers. The plan can be used as an installation blue print.


  • Computer Imaging -$75 (per view) includes scanning, designing, 8.5 x 11 photograph and a placement & plant identification sketch
  • Full Landscape Design-$200 to $400 depending on complexity and time. Normal residential landscapes generally cost $250. A price will be quoted before designing begins.
  • Consultation-$35 hour


Full Landscape Desgin
A 2' x 3' to scale landscape blueprint with plant list (botantical and common name), quantities, specifications and notes.

If in the St. Louis area the designer will consult with the client, take measurements and do a final presentation.

Cost will vary depending upon the complexity of the design. Prices range from $200-$400. Normal residential designs average $250. A price will be quoted before designing begins.

Normal turn around 2-3 weeks.

Computer Imaging:
A high resolution color 8.5 x 11 completed landscape design image. This photo realistic design will use your before photograph and transform it into your future mature landscaped home.

$75 (per view) includes scanning, designing, 8.5 x 11 photo image and a design sketch showing plant names (botantical and common name) and quantities used in the design.

Normal turn around 2-3 weeks.
(This makes a great house warming gift, just call to make arrangements)

In the St. Louis area horticulturist will visit with you to discuss landscape design, questions, problems, or other horticulture considerations.


$35 hour